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Respect the value of people, develop their potential, sublime their hearts, care for and treat employees kindly from life, emotion and growth, build a platform for employees to realize value, and share development results. Comply with and meet the reasonable needs of human nature, advocate a positive, green and healthy lifestyle, and provide customers with high-quality products and services. Be grateful, act humbly, emphasize balanced and sustainable development, and pursue multi-party cooperation and win-win, as well as the harmonious coexistence of man, nature, and society.


We are a company made up of people who believe in "doing nothing." Employees from all over the world gather together because of their passion. We are young, ambitious, full of passion and vitality. We love all exquisiteness, we are willing to applaud the beauty, and are committed to sharing quality technology with the world. What attracts you may not only be the diversified team, flat management, but also the open atmosphere and broad prospects.

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Position Quantity Department Workplace
Data test 1 2 CEO Office Suzhou
Data test xyz 2 CD&RA Suzhou, Beijing
Job name 456 1 BO Suzhou, Beijing
Job name 6868 6 CD&RA Beijing, Suzhou

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