Our Human Capital
Our employees are driving force of the business and assets of the Group.

In line with our people-oriented approach, we are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, engaging and harmonious work environment to enable our employees’ career growth and achieve career contentment.

As a family-friendly employer, we pay special attention to accommodate the needs of working families. A well-equipped lactation room is available in our Hong Kong headquarters for working mothers. In Beijing, we partnered with Koala Educare to set up a kindergarten in its office park facilitating working employees to balance their work with family commitments.

We fully support our employees to maintain a good work-life balance by organising a variety of recreational and sports activities outside of work. Some highlighted events include:

Fruit Day
Sports Day
Team Building Event

In our apparel operation, Bossini provides a variety of leadership and professional skills training through the “Bossini Academy”, with an aim to well-equip our employees for the challenges ahead. A variety of classroom, digital and on-the-job trainings are provided to our office, warehouse and shop employees.

Our Community
At Viva China, we pride our success in promoting active and healthy lifestyles across the country to enhance citizens’ health and wellbeing.

For more than a decade, we have been leveraging our sports resources and mobilizing our human capital to organize a variety of sports-related activities and community programs for the neighborhoods we serve.

In January 2021, our Tianjin Li Ning Sports Centre partnered with a local broadcaster to co-organise a badminton tournament for the general public. What we provided were advanced sports venues and facilities, professional referees and a live broadcast. Through these fun-filled but fierce games, we hope to provide a platform for different badminton enthusiasts to interact and develop a high sense of mutual respect.

In support of Fu Hong Society’s campaign of “Together We Build A Society For All”, colleagues from our Hong Kong headquarters extended their new year’s blessing to the needy by donating their red packet money. These donations will support the family needs of the disabled and can alleviate their financial difficulties especially in the face of pandemic outbreak.

At Bossini, we believe that clothing should be functional and accessible to everyone – a basic necessity that can serve a good cause and help make a difference in society. With this in mind, our kind-hearted staff donated more than 500 pieces of down jackets and vests that were in good condition as Christmas gifts to the elderly at Yan Chai Hospital.

In July 2021, the extreme rainfall and flash floods had caused huge losses to Henan Province. In response, Viva China, together with Bossini, donated 5 million yuan and over 56,000 pieces of clothing to China Women’s Development Foundation. We hope to support the recovery of the flood-ravaged areas and provide relief for the affected people.